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Wendy Dennis of Helping Hands Domestic Care Ltd has filed a petition with Parliament which has been approved and made live on the Parliamentary petitions web site.

Domestic Home Help Services supplied to elderly and disabled people which enables them to remain in their own homes safely and comfortably have to be subject to VAT if personal care is not required also.

Most elderly and disabled people really struggle with doing things like changing their beds, laundry, cleaning their kitchen and bathrooms, vacuuming and meal preparation etc. They really can’t manage these chores themselves and have to pay for the service if they can afford it.

The 20% VAT on the service which gets paid straight to HMRC can make it unaffordable for elderly and disabled people living of their pensions and possibly attendance allowance. They either choose not to have it at all or become restricted by the amount of time they have because of the cost.

With an ever increasing elderly population and the Government being stretched financially - it would be considered sensible and practical to make domestic help for elderly and disabled people who want to remain in their own homes VAT exempt.

Most of these individuals have paid tax all their lives and then have to pay a tax on something they really need to enable them to remain at home seems very impractical and unreasonable.

Signing this petition in support of VAT exemption may make a change for now and in the future for these vulnerable groups of people and hopefully for ourselves when we get to a stage when we might be able to manage alone and want to stay in our own homes.

It might also be worth pointing out that the online petition can only be signed if you have an e mail address so elderly people who very often have not used computers or have internet and IT skills are immediately discriminated against even though this particular petition is very relevant to them !!

If you could also share this link with anybody else you feel might consider it a worthy petition it would be appreciated. The “ripple effect “ of signing and sharing may mean that we can achieve the 100,000 signatures needed for this petition to be debated in Parliament - hopefully we can blanket the whole of the UK with the knowledge this petition exists.

Click this link to see your petition and start sharing it:


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