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Helping Hands Domestic Care can ensure that homes are maintained to a high level of cleanliness along with providing pleasant and comfortable surroundings

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Carrying out household chores can be strenuous and labour intensive for the fittest and healthiest individuals. For our clients who wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, keeping on top of all the domestic work involved with running their homes can be very daunting.

Helping Hands Domestic Care can ensure that homes are maintained to a high level of cleanliness along with being both hygienic and provide pleasant and comfortable surroundings for our clients to live in.

Home Helps for the Elderly in Poole and Bournemouth

Cleaning Service Poole and Bournemouth

General cleaning can be arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on the needs of the client. It can include vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning INSIDES of windows, insides of fridges and microwaves etc. Clients can instruct their allocated carer to do specific jobs each week or leave the cleaning to their workers discretion. In this instant, Helping Hands policy is that every area of the home is given the appropriate attention, no one area of a client’s home should be left unattended for too long – some jobs need doing every week and others need doing less often. Cleaning service in Poole and Bournemouth.

Helping Hands Domestic Care are mindful that housework can be the most challenging task facing the elderly, disabled people and adults with learning difficulties when living in their own homes.

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One Off Spring Cleans

This service is offered to clients who require a very labour intensive clean. Perhaps a client is moving into a property or out of a property and they need a “blitz” clean. It is also very popular for the elderly and infirm who have maybe been left to their own devices for a little too long and the standard of cleanliness in their homes is not what they would like it to be.  A spring clean is enough to get the home back up to scratch and sometimes paves the way for a client to book a regular cleaning slot so things never deteriorate and are always manageable.


Laundry involves changing beds, washing clothes and bedding and ironing.

We all know that there is nothing more luxurious than climbing into a lovely clean, fresh smelling bed and wearing clean clothes. We ensure that all our clients can enjoy this even if they are unable to do this chore themselves.

Home Help Poole
Home Help Shopping Service Poole


For many clients who may struggle to get out (especially during the cold winter months) it is possible to arrange for somebody to call in, pick up a shopping list and go and collect the shopping. 

On some occasions a client may just like somebody to accompany them shopping as they may be a little nervous to go on their own; this can also be arranged.

Meal Preparation

From preparing a light snack, cooking a hot meal and even preparing batches of home cooked food that can be frozen for later use – our employees are happy to facilitate your requirements.

As much as having meals delivered is very useful – many of our clients do enjoy a home cooked meal providing them with their choice of ingredients and cooked specifically to their taste.

Home Meal service for elderly
Companionship for the elderly in Bournemouth

Miscellaneous Home Help Services

In addition to the main services detailed above, our employees can also assist with:-

Taking out the rubbish to the bins
Caring for house plants
Assisting with pet care
Changing standard light bulbs
Organising wardrobes and cupboards
Supervising Home Maintenance (and much more)

Domestic Cleaning in Bournemouth

What Our Customers Say

Helping Hands, home of experienced, friendly and caring staff dedicated to accommodate all your domestic requirements. Covering the Poole, Bournemouth, Boscombe and Christchurch area.

Mrs Barrett
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Helping Hands has looked after my aged sister for a number of years. She has many health and behavioural issues including dementia, and she can be very difficult. In additional to general care around the house her carer, Tanya, shops with her, accompanies her on medical appointments, visits her when in hospital, and takes her out for a weekly lunch to provide some genuine enjoyment in life. Above all she has become a real friend and companion. I live in the Midlands, my sister on the south coast. I simply cannot be on hand to help with many essential tasks. All the staff at Helping Hands have been completely reliable, kind, considerate, and scrupulously trustworthy. As a family we are enormously grateful to them. I am sure there must be many quality caring organisations, but Helping Hands has proved to be special.
Mrs Gauntlett
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I first met HHDC Ltd when my sister in law who was very disabled, spoke of the cleaner who came to help her. She was so grateful for her “going the extra mile” and the “nothing was too much trouble” attitude. So when I needed extra help I applied to that agency. I have found the same helpful service, combined with efficient thorough cleaning, to be a great boon as physical powers wane. My flat always looks better than I can make it when Helping Hands has been. I feel as if I have been visited by a friend too
Mrs Doncaster
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How did I come to ask Helping Hands Domestic Care to help in my home? First of all, I felt the time had come to ask for help. My Friend, Jean had used Helping Hands for a number of years and was very satisfied with the service. Wendy sent Sally to me and she is a “Gem”. We took to each other immediately and she is proving to be a very friendly, caring and thorough cleaner. I would recommend Helping Hands Domestic Care to anybody who needs reliable help
Mrs Ashdown
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Not knowing where to start in trying to find a helper for my mother I duly looked through Yellow Pages. I went through numerous names ringing them and asking the necessary questions. I was actually appalled at some of their manner supposedly being caring folks which they answered to prospective business until I came to Helping Hands. My prayers were answered. The title congers up a company who are out to help folks in need and this they certainly did. On speaking to Wendy I couldn’t have asked for more, so kind, caring, taking into account Mum’s needs and what was required. They lady they sent we couldn’t have asked for more, nothing was too much trouble, kind, conscientious, helpful and considerate. Mum loved her coming and it was a great help to me. Her work was of a very high standard.
Mrs Parker
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I started necessary domestic help from Helping hands Domestic Care Ltd several years ago because I suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis in both knees. I have help twice a week at the moment on a Monday and a Thursday. This alternates between two ladies, both of which are efficient and friendly and help me in so many ways during the time they are here. I have always received respect from everyone in Helping Hands and will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family
Mr Munday
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It is now 8 years 6 months that you have been coming to my home. The service that you provide is superb. Tanya has never ever been late, she always does an excellent job, I just let her get on with the work! She is very pleasant company to have around . Always a pleasure to see Wendy when I pop into the office.

The Complete Home Help Service in Bournemouth and Poole